Why You Might Need A Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Why You Might Need A Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Are you getting a good night's sleep? Do you wake up during sleep due to discomfort? If you answered yes to one or both of the questions then you might want to consider getting a Memory Foam Neck Pillow.

How It Works?

Memory foam pillows are made using polyurethane, a type of plastic that change shape under pressure and return to its original shape once the pressure is gone. Like with sofas, couches, and mattresses, memory foam pillows can adjust to your individual shape while giving you extra head and neck support.

Sleeping with a Memory Foam Neck Pillow helps you sleep in the best position for your spin, WebMD reports. The memory foam works to position itself to support the natural curve of your cervical spine. 

Most memory foam pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed based on your preferred sleeping position on your back or on your side.

Our Memory Foam Neck Pillow is made using an ergonomic design that supports back and side sleeps. It contains three sleep auxiliary curves including Cervical Traction Curve, Stable Sleeping Position Curve, And the Neck and Shoulder Joint Curve. 

Our Memory Foam Neck Pillow also is made using skin-friendly material and a removal case for longtime use. 

How to Use A Memory Foam Neck Pillow?

If you typically sleep on your back, health experts suggest using a contoured memory foam neck pillow that will support your neck and the rest of your head. 

For those who typically sleep on their sides, the memory foam neck pillow should be higher on your neck than it is under your head. During sleep on your side, you want to keep your chin straight in a neutral position.

For sleepers who tuck in their chin and sleep in a fetal position, studies show that a contoured memory foam pillow can help support your chin and position your neck and shoulder area in the correct posture.