8 Essential Items For Outdoor Summer Fun

8 Essential Items For Outdoor Summer Fun

It's the summer of social distancing and quarantine so travel is pretty limited. With safety concerns being essential these days, many are opting for quick road trips and outdoor adventures as travel options.

Camping or road tripping with people you live with is one of the safest ways to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. If you're preparing for an outdoor adventure with the family, consider taking one of these 8 items with you. 


1. Portable Mini Hanging Neck Fan

hanging neck fan

Stay cool throughout the day or while working at your desk with our Portable Mini Hanging Neck Fan.

It can be worn around your neck while keeping you cool, or set it on your desk or kitchen counter and stay cool while you work.

With long battery life, this USB-powered mini fan allows you the freedom to enjoy your summer while staying cool. 


2. Keychain Flint Fire Starter

Light a perfectly safe fire with this permanent match! Our Keychain Flint Fire Starter serves as a Flint Free Kerosene Lighter and Bottle Opener! 

This alloy match will be a lifesaver on your next outdoor adventure. It works fine anywhere, anytime and in any condition. Including in humid climate and when it is windy. It’s great for lighting up cigarettes, starting a fire and lighting a charcoal grill.

The small design makes it portable and easy to carry. It’s a must-have for any outdoor trips. Whether you’re out camping, hiking or any other outdoor activities the Permanent Match is very helpful for any emergency situations.


3. Sand-Free Beach Blanket Mat

Don't bring sand to the beach! Soak up the sun with our Sand-Free Beach Blanket Mat!

Our Sand Free Beach Mat comes with a carrying bag and durable anchors that prevent it from blowing away in the wind. It works to keep sand, dust, and water off your non-slip Sand Free Beach Blanket.

The multipurpose use of this blanket makes it perfect for the beach, music festivals, picnics, or while camping. It's made of durable, lightweight and breathable 100% parachute nylon that is fast drying and waterproof!
The attached compression sack allows it to fit tight and compactly into the lightweight travel sack for easy carrying.


4. Portable Door Opener/Button Presser Keychain

Cleanliness is at an all-time high! Keep your hands clean and germ-free when out on the go with our Portable Door Opener/Button Presser.

No more worrying about pressing elevator buttons or opening public doors. With our Door Opener, you can push buttons and open doors with a device that keeps your hands free from touching public areas.

This keychain is made of zinc alloy making it durable and easy to clean. It's also small in size and easy to carry which makes it ideal for use in a variety of environments.
Use this resourceful tool when out on the go and opening doors or pressing elevator and ATM buttons.


5. 3pcs Reusable BBQ Grill Mat

Juicy cheeseburgers, grilled hot dogs, and tasty shish kabobs! Get the Summer cookout started with our 3pcs Reusable BBQ Grill Mat.
Cook your breakfast, lunch or dinner on this multi-functional FDA approved cooking mat!

It works on grills and ovens of all sizes. The non-stick feature makes it easy to clean and reusable. Made from FDA approved PTFE coating that keeps your food healthy and safe. Works with gas, charcoal, and electric grills of all kinds.

Strong enough to conquer temperatures up to 500°F. The mat won't burn or shrink in size. The mat can also be cut to fit your particular grill or oven perfectly. Perfect for chicken, ribs, burgers, steaks, seafood, fruits, vegetables, breakfast meals, and even pizza.

It can be used for cooking at home, outdoors or at an event. So get your summer cookout started with our 3pcs Reusable BBQ Grill Mat.


6. Portable Mosquito Net Hammock

Relax comfortably and pest-free on your outdoor adventure with our Portable Mosquito Net Hammock.

The hammock fits two people perfectly and comfortably. It works as a full mosquito net to keep out insects and debris of all kinds. The durable parachute material will make this hammock an essential camping item for summers to come. 


7. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Pump the tunes while at the beach, lake or pool with our Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Bring the party with you everywhere you go! It supports Bluetooth for wireless transmission. You can also use the built-in Microphone for a hands-free call. With the high-quality audio decode chip, you can experience perfect sound quality.

There is a built-in charging battery for long-lasting use. The unique waterproof design allows it to be used in the bathroom, beach, or swimming pool. The suction cup feature allows you to stick the speaker on the backside of any smartphone or other tablet and become a stand. Stick it to any flat surface including desk, wall, or window.
It's suitable for the car, house, office, or while traveling.


8. Mini Package Heat Sealer

 Are you still thinking about how to deal with those leftover snacks? Our 2-in-1 Mini Heat Sealer helps you store leftover snacks, foods, fruits, and more, to avoid waste and mold growth and keep your food fresh.

You can easily seal bags by rotating the knob indication point to “+” position, and open bags by rotating the knob indication point to “-” point (please slide from left to right).
Opening and sealing become one, make your life much easier.

Whether you're enjoying a road trip with your spouse or a camping adventure with your family, these essential outdoor items will keep you covered.

SUPPLIEDIFY wishes you a happy and safe summer!