6 Benefits of Using Magnetic Lashes

6 Benefits of Using Magnetic Lashes

Are you tired of struggling in the mirror for hours on end trying to get your glue strip lashes on? Well, we feel your pain and are here to tell you about our Magnetic Waterproof Eyelashes Kit.

Magnetic eyelashes are the new rave among beauty experts and enthusiasts. Just apply the nonirritating magnetic eyeliner, pop your eyelashes on, and voila! Beautiful fluffy lashes seal the deal for your daily slay. 

Still not convinced our Magnetic Waterproof Eyelashes Kit is for you? Read on to learn more about the 6 benefits magnetic lashes can bring to your life.

1. They Contain Safe and Non-Irritating Chemicals

Our  Magnetic Waterproof Eyelashes Kit uses ultra-fine magnetic particles that are nonirritating. Easy for beautiful eyes, these eyelashes effortlessly "click" to the eyeliner! Our top-quality lashes come embedded with tiny high-strength magnets. The quality of the eyeliner is super comfortable and the special waterproof formula will not result in any smudged dye.

2. It's Waterproof and Smudge Proof

Want to wear your lashes to the beach or pool? No problem. The magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes in our Magnetic Waterproof Eyelashes Kit is entirely waterproof and doesn't smudge when you go underwater. Now you can finally enjoy the look of beautiful lashes all day long!

3. Doctors Say Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kits Are Safer

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Ilyse Haberman, MD, an ophthalmologist at NYU Langone Health noted that the iron oxides in the liner formula make it easy for the magnetic strip to adhere to it. And because these false lashes are supported by your eyelid rather than your natural lashes, Dr. Haberman says this style is safer in terms of the potential to cause traction alopecia. 

4. You Can Still Use Your Regular Eyeliner 

For shaping and styling purposes, it's suggested that you apply your regular eyeliner first. Since magnetic liner is significantly more expensive than regular lash glue and eyeliner, it's best not to waste it. You can try this trick instead, use your regular eyeliner to create your stunning cat-eye shape, then follow with the magnetic liner only along the base of your lashes. That way you get the stellar cat-eye look plus voluminous lashes. (Shop our Magnetic Eyeliner for just $12.99)

5. Variety of Styles for All Occasions

We're not always wanting the dramatic eyelash look. Our Magnetic Waterproof Eyelashes Kit comes in a wide variety of styles that match all occasions. Going to a wedding or a night out with the girls? We have the perfect lashes for you. Just going to enjoy a weekend brunch or filming a TikTok? We have more naturally shaped lashes that match the vibe. Between our 15 styles of magnetic eyelashes, you'll be sure to find a set that gives you the look you've been wanting.

6. Save Money on Eyelash Extensions and Lash Glue

Tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars to get fake lashes glued to your eyelid? Sick of going to the beauty store to wait in line and purchase eyelash glue? Well, now for only $14.99 you can have three sets of beautiful and fluffy lashes, eyelash tweezers, and magnetic eyeliner that last much longer!

Save your money and your time by investing in our Magnetic Waterproof Eyelashes Kit. This is the beauty product you've been waiting for!