5 Reasons to Get Your Dog A Paw Cleaner

5 Reasons to Get Your Dog A Paw Cleaner

Now more than ever dog owners are concerned about the germs their dog could bring into their house. COVID-19 has introduced the entire world to a new normal that has many practicing a heightened level of cleanliness. 

So are you worried about the germs and bacteria your furry friend could be carrying around on their feet? Well here are five reasons you need to get yourself a Portable Dog Paw Cleaner.

1. Thoroughly Cleans Your Dog's Paws

Dog paw cleaners, also commonly referred to as dog paw washers, are specially-designed cleaning systems that thoroughly clean your pet’s dirty and muddy paws effectively and efficiently. Our Portable Dog Paw Cleaner provides a quick and convenient way to get the grime off your canine’s paws and keep their paws clean and healthy.

 2. Good For Pets With Thick Fur

Dog paw cleaners and washers are especially useful for dogs (and cats) who have thick fur on their legs and who enjoy a little dirty play during their outdoor excursions. They also work well in winters to remove the ice salt from your pet’s paws. They're especially useful when keeping your car clean while traveling with your dog.

3. Cats Can Use Them Too

Dog paw cleaners aren't just for canines. Our feline friends can get good use out of them too as the washers work to remove dirt, grime and debris from the average dog and cat paws depending on the size paw cleaner you purchase. Our Portable Dog Paw Cleaner comes in three different sizes including, 8.5 x 11cm, 9.5 x 15cm, and 11 x 22cm. We just wish you luck getting your cat comfortable with getting their paws wet!

4. You Can Take It With You Anywhere

Our Portable Dog Paw Cleaner is one of the most popular and portable types of dog paw washers on the market. They're extremely portable, lightweight and compact enough to carry on outdoor trips including hiking, camping, and the beach. You can also use them in your house or during travel to any and everywhere.

5. They're So Easy to Use

Our Portable Dog Paw Cleaner consists of a cleaning cup with silicone bristles that make the cleaning process that much easier. Simply add some water in the cup, insert your pet’s dirty paw (one at a time), twist the cup around the paw and then dab the paw dry. You might find that your dog starts to look forward to their paw cleaning sessions! 



Feeling more convinced about getting a dog paw cleaner? Shop our Portable Dog Paw Cleaner and let us know how much you love it!